60 Hour Life, Health & Variable Annuities (2-15) Package

$179.00 - Our one-of-a-kind pre-licensing course, and access to our proven online practice test center. This 2-15 license allows the producer to offer Life, Health, & Variable Annuity contracts.

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Courses included with this package:
Course Course ID
Pre-licensing - 60hr Life, Health & Variable Annuities (02-15) 94029
Our 60 hour course for those seeking the Health-only license, taught by David "Big Dog" Watson himself via an engaging transcription of his live course.

New and improved! Totally overhauled for 2015, containing all new information. You won't find a finer pre-licensing course on the market.

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Applies to: 2-15 (L, H & VA Insurance), 2-15 & 2-20 Dual License (L, H, VA, P&C), 2-15 & 4-40 Dual License (L, H, VA, CSR), 2-15 & 20-44 Dual License (L,H&VA, Personal Lines)
Practice Test SUPPLEMENT ONLY (NOT A PRE-LICENSING COURSE, practice test explanations will link to this course [BETA]) 0
This course is designed to supplement our online practice tests.
After the question is answered, or after the exam exam is graded, you will be provided the correct answer, an explanation, and a link that will lead you to the course content. We advise taking these practice exams until a score of 90% or greater is achieved. We hope you find this informative. FSI